Gulf states weigh mass expulsion of Iran agents

IRGC flag

Saying that they can no longer look the other way while the Iranian regime subverts the Middle East, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is readying to round up and deport thousands of regime agents.

“Arab diplomatic sources said the six GCC states were discussing a proposal to identify and track an estimated 20,000 Shi’ites linked to Iran. They said many of the agents have been activated in 2011 and represented a security threat to the GCC,” the World Tribune reports.

“For years, the GCC knew of these people, but looked the other way,” a diplomat said. “We can’t look the other way anymore.”

Kuwaiti sources say that Iran recruited Lebanese Shi’ites to subvert Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and to manipulate the local populations’ discontent with their governments.

Hezbollah operatives are said to be in the GCC states under the control of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Council (IRGC).

Kuwait is said to be particularly concerned.

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