From Los Angeles: Iran’s rock ‘n roll revolutionaries

Andy & Bon Jovi 2

“Iranian artists have turned into rock and roll revolutionaries delivering a message to the young people of Iran,” NBC News reports – and they’re doing it from Los Angeles, California.

“Andy Madadian is one of the most famous Iranian singers in the world. He moved to Los Angeles 30 years ago and nearly every year since, he and other LA-based Iranian artists have traveled to concert sites along Iran’s border in Armenia, Turkey and Dubai to perform music and song that cannot be heard in Tehran.

“‘The freedom they get by connecting to their artists and their music gives them hope that beyond those borders there is love, there is life, there is freedom,’” Madadian, who goes by the stage name Andy, told NBC LA.

Andy and American superstar Jon Bon Jovi sang the solidarity rock anthem “Stand By Me” in a unique English-Farsi duet back in 2009, in support of Iran’s democratic opposition (see photo).

Another Iranian singer in Los Angeles, Shoh Re, says that the mullahs consider her an enemy.

“Because they say I’m not listening to the regime,” she tells NBC. “I’m listening to myself. I am listening to the people.” Here’s what NBC reports about her:

“Shoh Re spoke to NBC LA in a Glendale recording studio. She looks like the Madonna of modern Iran. She is far more confrontational than Andy. Each year, when she travels to the borders of Iran to perform, she delivers a fiery message to the thousands of her fellow countrymen.

“‘I am singing freedom,’ she said. ‘Freedom, Iran. Freedom, young people. Freedom.’”

Check out the rest of the NBC report, which includes the Bon Jovi and other videos.

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