Fathi brothers executed

Fathi brothers

Two brothers, Mohammad and Abdollah Fathi, were executed in Isfahan on May 17.

Mohammad was 27. Abdollah was 29.

Officials denied the condemned young men a final request, which was to hug their mother. Their mother, Mahvash Alasvandi, was at the prison during the execution. She bravely told her sons to look in to the eyes of their executioners.

The brothers were hanged after a revolutionary court convicted them of moharebeh, or “enmity against God,” a political sentence the regime uses to justify executions of political opponents of the mullahs ruling Iran.

They were convicted of belonging to anti-revolutionary groups, being armed robbers, and other crimes, which the brothers denied. They said they had made false confessions under severe torture.

“When during the last visit I was facing my 2 sons, I told them to keeps their heads high and die with open eyes and look into the eyes of the henchman who is placing the noose around your neck,” their mother, Mrs. Alasvandi, said.

Abdollah’s grief-stricken wife can be seen and heard crying in the prison courtyard immediately after the execution.

Another video shows a huge outpouring of support in the streets of Isfahan for the murdered brothers.

Judge Moghiseh of Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court in sentenced the brothers to death. The resistance has his name on a list.

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