BBC Persian interviews Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters on Neda and social networking

Roger Waters resist

BBC Persian interviews Roger Waters about the evolving message behind his worldwide “The Wall” tour.
While Waters is critical of mass media culture and consumerism in the United States, he adds, “I’m very happy that Iive in America, in a country where I won’t be put in prison for saying this.”
At about 10:41 into the first video, Waters is asked about featuring the image of Neda Agha Soltani in his show. How did he get her picture to use in his performance? “Somebody from Iran sent it to us,” Waters says. “We got a lot. We got so many Nedas sent into us.”
“And it’s interesting that you should bring her name up, because it may be that without the internet and without my webpage and without Facebook and this, nobody outside the few blocks of those few days of those riots in Tehran after that time would know anything about this,” Waters says.
“Clearly the regime in Iran would like to suppress all of that stuff and do the best that they can, and maybe they’re quite efficient at it, but nevertheless some of that news gets out and there’s a kind of groundswell of opinion in the rest of the world in support of the protesters. . . .”

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