Pimping the Islamic Revolution: More documentation of the mullah mafiosi


The Islamic Republic has turned Iran into a theocratic mafiaocracy in which the mullahs and their minions have pimped the revolution for their own financial gain. The regime has used Islamic doctrine as an ideological justification for what has become just another gangster regime.

On May 16, we reported on the existence of a list, appearing first on a CNN website, purporting to show the values of offshore bank accounts held by 1,000 senior Islamic Republic officials and family members. The balances indicate the widespread and officially sanctioned corruption typical of a gangster state along the lines of Russia, Venezuela or Zimbabwe.

[Artwork courtesy of the People's Cube]

Clerics, judges, military officers and Revolutionary Guards officers, Basij paramilitary officers, and others, according to the list, hold millions and sometimes billions of dollars’ worth of bank accounts offshore. Given that the account holders make their livings as recipients of zakat religious donations (in the case of clerics) and as public servants (in the cases of officials), it is apparent that the money is not from legitimate business activity, but from abuse of power.

The list on the CNN website contained the names of the individuals in Persian, and the account information in English. We have translated the names into English and added identifiers.

In our May 16 article, we discussed only the accounts reported to be held by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei (worth $36 billion) and his son, Mojtaba (worth $21 billion). Today, we list the first 100 account holders, the reported locations of their accounts, and the values attached to each. Values are listed in US dollars ($), euros (€), Australian dollars (A$), Canadian dollars (C$) and pounds sterling (£). We have not converted the currencies into a uniform value, but readers may calculate them on a currency converter widget. Below, the name of each individual is given, followed by a brief identifier of that individual, and then the name of the countries in which the accounts are held, followed by the values. As we cautioned on May 16, neither we nor CNN have been able to verify the source of this document or the accuracy of this information. We are merely furnishing it as a lead for further research, analysis and commentary:

Mojtaba Khamenei, Ali Khamenei’s second son: England £1.14 billion, 2 accounts frozen since 2009; Germany €2.12 billion (4 accounts), Qatar $400 million, South Africa €950 million (2 accounts), Switzerland (UBS/Micheloud & Cie/Credit Suisse) 12 accounts totaling €3.85 billion, Liechtenstein $2.8 billion,  South  Africa $620 million, Shanghai $4.1 billion, UAE: $700 million,  Malaysia A$670 million.

Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader: Switzerland (Micheloud & Cie/UBS/Credit Suisse) 18 accounts totaling €8.4 billion; Liechtenstein $9.7 billion, Cayman Islands $6.8  billion, Shanghai $3.2 billion, Liechtenstein $2.9 billion, Belize $2.5  billion,  Russia $1.1 billion, Malaysia $450 million, Trinidad &  Tobago $400 million, S. Africa 2.1 billion Euros, India $630 million,  UAE $560 million, Syria $210 million.

Massoud Khamenei, Ali Khamenei’s son: Switzerland (UBS/Micheloud & Cie/Credit Suisse) €2.7 billion, S. Africa $980  million, Syria $45 million, UAE $120 million, Malaysia €540 million, Venezuela $1.2 billion, India €320 million.

Mostafa Khamenei, Ali Khamenei’s third son: Switzerland (Credit Suisse) $690 million, Hong Kong £360 million, Russia $80 million, Syria  $12 million, Canada C$110 million, Panama $992 million.

Naziyheh Khamenei: Turkey $52 million, India €120 million, Germany €102 million, United Kingdom £280 million, Switzerland (UBS) $421 million.

Badrieh Khamenei: UAE £142 million, Syria $13 million, Spain €120 million, Panama $329 million.

Hassan Khamenei: UAE $60 million, Canada C$200 million, Turkey €37 million Euros, Shanghai $344 million.

Hadi Khamenei, younger brother of Ali Khamenei: Liechtenstein $290 million, S. Africa £121 million, Malaysia €93.2 million, Switzerland (UBS/Scobag Privatbank/HSBC Private Bank Suisse) €890 million, Turkey €84 million.

Ayatollah Aziz Khoshvaght, member of the Assembly of experts and mentor to Mojtaba Khamenei and Mostafa Khamenei’s father in law: Germany €52 million, Austria C$101 million, S. Korea $21.9 million, Turkey $4.1 million.

Gholamali Haddad Adel, Mojtaba Khamenei’s father in law: Canada C$220 million, Virgin Islands $365 million, Panama €110 million, Hong Kong $252 million.

Hojatoleslam Hossein Shahmoradi, in charge of task forces for shrines: Turkey €12 million, Canada C$22 million, Panama $62 million, UAE $3.1 million, Pakistan $4.5 million.

Gholamreza Jalali, Brigadier general: Turkey €2.1 million, Belarus $12 million, UAE $ 7.6 million.

Alireza Fayaz: India €35 million, Malaysia $12.5 million, UAE €26 million,  Turkey €15.9 million, Venezuela $34 million, Italy €14 million.

Gholamreza Fayaz: Malta €40 million, Panama $24 million, Malaysia $67 million, UAE $41 million.

Fatemeh Fayaz: India $23 million, Spain €11 million, Malaysia A$12 million.

Hossein Ghassemi, owner of a trading company in UAE, broadcasting equipment suppliers: UAE €3.9 million, Turkey $5.42 million.

Hossein Mousavi Ardabili, son of Ayatollah Abdul Karim Mousavi Ardabili: Switzerland €229 million, Cayman Islands $290 million, Kuwait $23 million, UAE $109 million, Malaysia $41 million.

Mohsen Kharrazi, Ayatollah Kharrazi’s son: Malaysia A$100 million, UAE €78 million, Turkey $12 million, Cayman Islands €253.7 million.

Ayatollah Mohammad Bagher Kharazi, Massoud Khamenei’s father in law: Lebanon $120 million, $98 million, S. Africa £40.9 million, Netherlands Antilles €150 million.

Javad Azadeh, infamous interrogator and torturer who was personally appointed by Khamenei to interrogate and torture some notable prisoners after the elections: UAE $12 million, Lebanon €2.6 million Euros, Malaysia $3.1 million.

Yadollah Ghazvini AKA Hassan Abbassi, Ahmadinejad’s strategic advisor, known for claiming that Iran could eradicate Europe: Pakistan $3.2 million, Albania €1.2 million, Italy €10.9 million, Hong Kong $85 million.

Nourali Shoushtari, lieutenant commander of the IRGC, killed on October 19, 2009: UAE $23 million, Turkey $12.1 million.

General Hossein Sajedi Nia, the new commander of the State Security Forces in greater Tehran: Turkey €3.2 million, Italy €5.1 million, Malaysia €94 million, Shanghai $45 million.

General Ali Fazli, acting commander of the Basij: UAE €2.4 million, Thailand $5.1 million, Panama $5.5 million.

Mohammad Jafar Asadi, Brigadier general, IRGC ground forces commander and close confidant of General Mohammad Ali Jafari: Turkey €8.9 million, Spain €21 million, Lebanon $3.7 million, Hong Kong A$13.2 million.

Hojjatoleslam Hossein Taeb, head of the intelligence organization of the IRGC: Italy €2.4 million, UAE $16 million, Shanghai $172 million, Virgin Islands £44 million.

General Abdolmohammad Raoufinejad, governor of the province of Kerman: India €4.7 million, Qatar $23 million, Turkey $19.1 million, Shanghai $58 million.

Ghlamhossein Ramazani, IRGC’s counter-intelligence and security director: Shanghai A$45 million, Panama $69 million, Syria $6.6 million.

Nabiollah Heydari, Chief of Iranian Airport Police: Austria €3.1 million, UAE €10 million, Qatar $11.5 million, Thailand $4.9 million.

Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, former chief commander of the Revolutionary Guards: Cayman Islands $290 million, Shanghai €170 million, Turkey $12 million, UAE $34 million, Albania $7.9 million.

Major General Hossein Shariatmadari, Khamenei’s representative in Kayhan, former IRGC interrogator and torturer with extensive agricultural holdings: Belgium €320 million, S. Africa $240 million, Malaysia $166 million, Russia €145 million, Panama $89 million, Liechtenstein $1.31 billion, UAE $238 million.

Hojjatoleslam Alireza Panahian, head of the supreme leader’s think tank for universities who called for the execution of the opponents of the supreme leadership after the elections: UAE $7.2 million, Qatar €10 million, Malaysia A$39 million, India $56 million.

Sadegh Mahsouli, a former Revolutionary Guard comrade of Ahmadinejad and until recently his minister of Welfare and Social Services and before that his interior minister (known as the “billionaire minister,” as his nomination as Minister of Oil was rejected by the parliament in 2005 because he could not provide a satisfactory answer to the question of how he could amass a self declared fortune of $160 million): Turkey $32 million, Russia €49.2 million, Belgium €12 million, UAE $17 million, Malaysia $3.7 million, Shanghai €78 million.

Hojjatoleslam Hamid Rassai, a hardline parliament member: Switzerland (La Roche & Co Banquiers/UBS/HSBC Suisse) $121 million, Hungary €4.3 million, England (Jersey Island) £5.2 million, UAE $12 million, Belgium €23 million, Venezuela $89 million, Malaysia $8.2 million.

Mansour Arzi- a famous Maddah (eulogist) who asked people to pray for the death of the leaders of the unrest after the elections: UAE three accounts totaling €18.3 million, Malaysia $5.2 million.

Hassan Shayanfar, a former member of the political division of the IRGC, a former interrogator and torturer in Evin prison and currently a journalist in Kayhan: UAE $11.6 million, Pakistan $1.2 million.

General Mohammad Hossein Saffar Harandi, former brigadier general of IRGC, minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance in Ahmadinejad’s first cabinet until he opposed the appointment of Rahim Mashai as vice president in July 2009 and was abruptly terminated: Austria, Spain, UAE $39 million, Turkey €65 million, Brazil $121.9 million,  Malaysia A$34 million, Hong Kong €100 million.

Ayatollah Mohyedin Fazel Harandi: Oman $48 million, Saudi Arabia $44 million, Malta €12 million, Austria €8 million.

Gholam Hossein Assabedast AKA Gholamhossein Elham, the Islamic Republic’s former spokesperson in Ahmadinejad’s first term, former member of the Guardian Council and married to Fatemeh Rajabi, a staunch supporter of Ahmadinejad: Switzerland (UBS/Habib Bank AG Zurich/P&P Private Bank) accounts totaling €155 million, Turkey $14 million, Qatar $19 million, UAE $28 million.

Haj Hossein Yekta- former secretary of Rahian-e-Nour, an annual tour of the Iran-Iraq war fronts: Malaysia A$2 million, UAE $6.7 million, Syria $4 million.

Mostafa Ajorlou, Revolutionary Guard commander and managing director of Steel Azin, a soccer team: Spain €1.2 million, UAE $18 million, South Africa €3.5 million, Malaysia $12 million.

Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda, Mashhhad’s Friday prayer leader, a hardliner close to Khamenei: Tajikistan $0.6 million, Turkey $52 million, Pakistan $7.4 million, UAE $88 million, Hong Kong $65 million.

Hojatoleslam Ali Fallahian, minister of intelligence during Rafsanjani’s presidency, subject of an international arrest warrant and in the wanted list of the Interpol in connection with the bombing of a Jewish Center in Buenos Aires and the murder of three Iranian Kurdish opposition members: Switzerland (UBS/Credit Suisse/Raiffeisenbank) six accounts adding to €212 million, Austria €11 million, Syria $20 million, Malaysia A$19 million, UAE $41 million, Turkey $42 million.

General Abdolrassoul Rezai: Germany €4.2 million, Spain €3.1 million, UAE $28 million, Turkey $27.8 million, Hong Kong $24 million.

Hossein Roshan, in charge of the statistical center of Iran: Turkey $7.1 million, UAE: $5.1 million, Belarus $3.9 million.

Ayatollah Ahmad Janati Massah, founding member of Haghani school, chairman of the Guardian Council: Belgium €490 million, UAE $270 million, Canada C$101 million, Malaysia $310, South Africa $123 million, Switzerland (UBS/Credit Suisse/Hottinger & Cie/Mercantil Bank) €1.4 billion.

Ali Janati, Ahmad Janati’s son: Barbados $240 million, Switzerland 19 accounts totaling €890 million, UAE $41 million, Germany €57 million Euros, Hong Kong A$400 million.

Hossein Moadi-khah: Austria €41 million, UAE $10.2 million, Kuwait $14.4 million.

Ali Akbar Velayati, foreign minister for two terms under Moussavi and two terms under Rafsanjani, an international affairs adviser and one of the most influential figures within Khamenei’s inner circle: Germany €249 million, Switzerland (UBS/Credit Suisse/Freie Gemeinschaftsbank Genossenschaft/CMB Banque Privée Suisse) 21 accounts totaling $1.3 billion, Austria €7.9 million, Malaysia A$112 million.

Masoud Mir Kazemi: UAE $2.2 million, Germany €43 million, Turkey $4.3 million, Hong Kong €56 million, Malaysia €48 million.

Habibollah Asgaroladi Mosalman: Malaysia $144 million, China/Hong Kong A$480 million, Belarus €50 million, Austria €200 million, Panama $87 million, Switzerland 24 accounts totaling €3.2 billion, Qatar $144 million, UAE €355 million.

Faatemeh Asgaroladi Mosalman : Qatar $49 million, Turkey $15 million, Hong Kong A$210 million.

Asadolah Asgaroladi Mosalman, brother of Habibollah, chairman of the Confederation of Iranian Exporters: Switzerland (UBS/DZ Privatbank/La Roche & Co) €1.1 billion, Turkey $85 million, UAE €120 million, China A$210 million.

Hassan Khojasteh Bagherzadeh, Vice President of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB): Italy €14 million, Turkey €3.2 million, Malta $4.2 million, India $9.8 million, Singapore A$4 million.

Abdolhossein Soltani Tabatabaie: Canada C$24 million, Switzerland (five accounts) adding to €138 million, UAE $11 million, Turkey $16 million.

Hoda Tababaie: Singapore A$3.8 million, Malaysia €23 million, Turkey $3.4 million.

Sadegh Tabatabai, a brother in law of Khomeini’s son: Germany €22 million, France €9 million Euros, Italy €43 million Euros, Switzerland (UBS/La Roche & Co Banquiers) $76.3 million.

Morteza Tabatabai: Germany €3.5 million, Austria €12 million, UAE $5.1 million, Japan 424 million yen.

Fateme Tabatabai: Germany €21 million, Switzerland (UBS/P&P Private Bank) €45 million, Syria: $6.1 million.

General Mohammad Kosari, IRGC: Syria $1.1 million, Russia $20 million, UAE $28 million.

Hamid Behbahani, former minister of roads and transportation under Ahmadinejad and recently appointed as Head of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization: China €55 million, Hong Kong £40 million, Malaysia $52.1 million.

Major General Rahim Safavi, commander of IRGC: Russia €45 million, Turkey €5.2 million, UAE $21 million, Hong Kong $104 million.

Ezatollah Zarghami, member of the IRGC and current head of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB): Italy €25 million, Venezuela $80 million, Russia $65.3 million.

Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi, member of the Assembly of Experts; until recently, Ahmadinejad’s spiritual mentor: Switzerland (UBS) £1.1 billion, Canada C$420 million, Credit Suisse €1.6 billion, UAE $340 million, Hong Kong $320 million.

Mojtaba Mesbah Yazdi, son of Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi: Switzerland (UBS) $730 million, Canada $230 million [Canadian or US dollars not specified], Venezuela $193  million, Panama $12 million, UAE £192 million, Turkey $50 million,  England (Jersey Island) £110 million, South Africa $80 million, Spain €61  million.

Ali Mesbah Yazdi, Ayatollah mesbah Yazdi’s son: United Kingdom £72 million, Bahamas $620 million, Canada $110 million [Canadian or US dollars not specified], Turkey $21  million, Germany €120 million, Switzerland €320 million.

Esmail Ahmadi Moghadam, Brigadier general IRGC, chief of police force: Turkey $2.3 million, UAE $24 million, Thailand A$55 million, Switzerland (UBS/HSBC/Privatbank IHAG) 11 accounts adding to €240 million.

Gen Ghasem Kargar: India €4.2 million euros, Shanghai $103 million, Cyprus €25 million Euros

Fateme Soltan Tabatabai: Germany €128 million, France €42 million, Turkey $22 million, Cayman Islands $81 million.

Yadollah Javani, a Brigadier and the head of the political bureau of the IRGC: Russia $11 million, China €120 million Euros, Turkey $39 million, Nigeria €80 million, Malaysia A$55 million.

Hojatoleslam Hashem Hashemzadeh Harissi, member of the Assembly of Experts: UAE €4.1 million, Malaysia $12 million, Brazil $9 million.

Morteza Agha Tehrani, hardline cleric, Ahmadinejad’s moral advisor and ethics mentor of his cabinet, close disciple of Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi: Canada C$12 million, Malaysia A$34 million, Bermuda $65 million.

Mohammad Mohammadinik Reyshahri, cleric, first minister of intelligence in the Islamic Republic under Moussavi, known for his role in the massacre of the political prisoners in 1988: UAE  $380 million, Germany €52 million, Australia A$45 million, Switzerland 6 accounts totaling €1.3 billion, Turkey $29 million, Austria €49 million, Italy €44 million, Hong Kong $400 million.

Yadollah Moradi, member IRGC, head of the Kohkilouyeh Cultural Heritage Office: UAE $4.1 million, Turkey €2.3 million.

General Edalat Fallahzadeh, IRGC brigadier general: Singapore $2.9 million, Malaysia €14 million Euros, UAE €3.1 million.

Hossein Hamedani, brigadier general, IRGC: China €50 million, UAE $21 million, Spain €4.2 million.

Mohammad Bagher Zolghadr, senior IRGC commander, advisor to the judiciary: Canada C$ 3.2 million, Russia €11 million, China $60 million, UAE €11 million, Turkey €3.2 million.

Hossein Goudarzi: India €1.2 million, Australia A$11 million, Turkey €1.2 million.

Mojtaba Hashemi Samareh, senior advisor to Ahmadinejad, deputy interior minister, strong ties to IRGC and intelligence services, Ahmadinejad’s schoolmate and dedicated student of Mesbah Yazdi: St. Vincent & the Grenadines $88 million, Switzerland (Credit Suisse) €90 million, Spain €78 million, Venezuela $50 million, Turkey $17.9 million, UAE $124.6 million, Malaysia €60.8 million, UAE $5 million.

Abdolhamid Hashemi Samareh: Singapore $51.1 million, Turkey 13.1 million [currency not specified], Venezuela $24 million, UAE €4.1 million.

Mehdi Hashemi Samareh: Liechtenstein $55 million, Turkey $6.8 million, Kuwait $45 million, UAE $5.2 million, Panama $31 million.

Masoumeh Hashemi Samareh: Switzerland (Credit Suisse) €23 million, United Kingdom (Jersey Island) £10 million, Hong Kong $41 million.

Ali Mobasheri, religious judge in Evin prison, ordered key figure in the massacre of political prisoners in 1988: UAE $4 million, Austria €9.2 million, $22.7 million; Malaysia $47 million, Hong Kong A$120 million, Turkey €7 million Euros, South Africa £55.3 million.

General Hedayatollah Latifian, IRGC Brigadier General: Malaysia €21 million, Shanghai $78 million, United Kingdom (Jersey Island) £4.2 million.

Seyed Mohammad Taghi  Hashemian Abmali, president of the European Economic Chamber (EEIG): Italy €4.1 million, Austria €11 million, Turkey €3.2 million, Panama $88 million.

Ali Akbar Hashemi Bahremani, AKA Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, chairman of the Expedience Discernment Council, former president of the Islamic Republic, former member of the Assembly of Experts, dominant political figure since the inception of the Islamic Republic: Germany €240 million, Switzerland (UBS/ Arab Bank Switzerland/Credit Suisse Group AG) €6.9 billion + $1.5 billion; Canada C$220 million, Turkey $108 million, UAE $400 million, Malaysia €90 million, Liechtenstein $4.4 billion.

Yasser  Hashemi Bahermani, son of Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani: Switzerland €450 million, United Kingdom £180 million, Germany €25 million, Austria €11.2 million, Canada C$43 million, Panama $800 million, Belgium €121.9 million, Hong Kong $200 million, UAE €14 million.

Mohsen Hashemi  Bahermani, eldest son of Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, and former head of Tehran’s subway project: United Kingdom £105 million, Liechtenstein €200 million, Australia A$400 million, UAE $38 million, Turkey $34 million, Belgium €71.9 million.

Mohammad Hashemi Bahermani, brother of Ali Akbar Hashemi Bahremani (Rafsanjani): Cayman Islands $290 million, Switzerland $290 million, Turkey €45 million, Germany €201 million, UAE €59 million, Liechtenstein €200 million.

Ali Hashemi Bahermani, nephew of Ali Akbar Hashemi Bahremani (Rafsanjani): Kuwait $ 2.3 million, UAE $24.2 million, Belgium €11  million, Liechtenstein €560 million, Switzerland $420 million.

Fazel Larijani, the quiet Larijani brother, former cultural attache in Ottawa, currently serving as a board member of Petro Nahad: Canada C$50 million, Switzerland (UBS/Credit Suisse) €840 million, Austria €120 million, South Africa $240 million, Malaysia A$49 million, UAE $120 million.

Ali Ardeshir Larijani, one of the powerful Larijani brothers, current speaker of the Iranian Parliament, former nuclear negotiator, Khamenei’s representative in the Supreme National Security Council: Canada C$ 120 million, Switzerland (UBS/Credit Suisse) €1.4 billion, Malaysia A$320 million, Liechtenstein €400 million, Turkey €54 million, USA $44 million, Germany [figure not given], Hong Kong A$200 million, UAE $34  million.

Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani, current head of the judiciary: Switzerland (UBS/Credit Suisse/Hottinger & Cie/LB Swiss Privatbank) €750 million, Liechtenstein $450 million, Malaysia €120 million, Hong Kong A$300 million.

General Abdolah Araghi, IRGC brigadier, head of Tehran’s Revolutionary Guards: Spain €48 million, Shanghai €120 million, Lebanon $61 million, UAE  $125.1 million, Lebanon $69 million, Malaysia $91 million, Venezuela $155 million, Switzerland (three accounts) €230 million.

Esfandiar Rahim Mashai AKA “leader of the deviant group,” Ahmadinejad’s chief of staff, advisor and close confidante: USA $12 million, Canada C$48 million, Hong Kong €140 million, UAE, Switzerland and Liechtenstein €310 million.

Ali Akbar Jamshidi, judiciary spokesman: Switzerland (Credit Suisse/UBS/HSBC Suisse) €150 million, Panama $34.8 million, Germany €4.2 million, Turkey €11 million, UAE $62 million.

Mohsen Rafighdoost, former chief of Khomeni’s security, former minister of the Revolutionary Guards, arms dealer during the Iran-Iraq war, former head of the corrupt Bonyade Mostazafan (Foundation for the Opressed, the second largest commercial entity in Iran), current director of the Noor foundation (a screen company for Bonyade Mostazafan): Canada  C$120 million, Italy €65 million, Spain €110 million, Germany €210 million, Hong Kong $200 million, Qatar €48 million, Switzerland (Credit Suisse) $560 million.

Morteza Rafighdoust, brother of Mohsen Rafighdoost, was indicted in connection with a bank fraud of over $3 billion in 1997 and sentenced to ten years in prison; two years later he was freed on medical leave, flew to Sweden and has not been heard of since: Germany €134 million Euros, Aruba $220 million, Switzerland (UBS/Credit Suisse/Hottinger & Cie) C$844 million.

‌Hamid Hosseini: Spain €88 million Euros, Malaysia $34, Barbados C$49 million.

Mohammad Hosseini, Ahmadinejad’s minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance: Cayman Islands $45 million, UAE $15.2 million, United Kingdom (Jersey Island) £29 million, Turkey $5.2 million, Malta €5.2 million.

Mahmood Hosseini: Kuwait $3.89 million, Turkey $11 million, Malaysia A$25 million, United Kingdom (Jersey Island) £11.3 million.

Major General Hassan Firoozabadi, joint chiefs of staff chairman for the past 21 years, was never a soldier or an officer, had never served in any of Iran’s armed forces before being appointed by Khamenei as joint chiefs of staff chairman: Switzerland (Credit Suisse/UBS/Hottinger & Cie) five accounts totaling €1.7 billion, China (four accounts) $634 million, Belarus €200 million, UAE €50 million, Syria $40 million.

Gholamali Rashid, deputy commander of Iranian armed forces, known to be close to intelligence forces: Belarus $34 million, Russia €56 million, Switzerland (Union Bank of Switzerland/Adler & Co./Privatbank AG/Credit Suisse) €130 million, Hong Kong $55 million, UAE $11.5 million.

Mohammad Reza Naghdi, IRGC Brigadier general; current commander of the Basij appointed by Khamenei: Lebanon $4 million, Nigeria €56 million, UAE $92 million, South Africa £48 million, Qatar $12 million, Spain €18 million, Malaysia 144 million [currency unspecified], Hong Kong €150 million.

Colonel Jalil Babazadeh, former Ardebil Basij chief, a key figure in killing Iranian Kurds: Turkey €2.6 million, Romania €3.1 million, Albania €1.9 million, Cyprus €12 million.

General Ebrahim Jabbari, commander of the Ali Ebn-e Abi Taleb division of the IRGC: Belarus €7.1 million, Turkey €2.1 million, Qatar $54 million.

Major General Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, former commander of the IRGC air force (he was not even a pilot at the time) appointed by Khamenei; currently mayor of Tehran: UAE $145 million, Turkey €24.2 million, Tajikistan $1.1 million, Spain €19.2 million, Switzerland (UBS/Arab Bank) Ltd/BankMed Suisse) 12 accounts totaling €255 million.

General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, IRGC brigadier, current interior minister: UAE $40 million, India €18.3 million, Belgium €3.2 million, Hong Kong A$90 million.

Kamran Daneshjoo, current Minister of Science, Research and Technology, was found to have lied about having a PhD from London’s Imperial College during his ministerial nomination procedure: Switzerland €140 million Euros, Venezuela $14 million, Malaysia $47  million, Japan $38 million, Austria €81 million, South Africa $7.9  million.

Khosrow Daneshjou, brother of Kamran Dnaeshjoo,Tehran city council spokesman: Liechtenstein €50  million, Czech Republic €11 million, Malta €4.2 million,  Turkey $12.4 million.

Farhad Daneshjou, brother of Kamran Daneshjoo, former dean of Tarbiat Modares University: Belize $59 million, Spain €11 million, Malaysia A$4.9 million.

General Ahmad Vahidi, IRGC Brigadier, Current defense minister, on the wanted list of the Interpol for the bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires: Germany €112 million (frozen), Turkey $75 million, Russia €55  million, China €127 million, Venezuela $130 million, $34 million; India €11 million.

Mohammad Hejazi, commander of the Basij forces: Italy €6.2 million, United Kingdom (Jersey Island) £5.2 million, Malaysia €45 million.

Major General Massoud Zaribafan, IRGC, head of the Martyr Foundation: Canada C$3.3 million, Thailand A$24 million, Qatar €5.9 million.

Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Ahmadinejad’s first vice-president: UAE €132 million, China $400 million, Russia $88 million.

General Farzad Esmaili, IRGC  commander of Khatam-al-Anbia Air Defense Base: China €50 million, Belarus $34 million, Turkey €3.2 million.

Ali Mohammadi Gilani, Ayatollah Mohammad Gilani’s son: South Africa £54 million, Canada C$82 million.

Ayatollah Mohammad Mohammadi Gilani, member of Assembly of Experts: Malaysia $36 million, UAE $13 million, Kuwait $21 million, Turkey €8.1 million Euros, Shanghai €65 million.

Abbas Kadkhodayee, spokesman of Guardian Council: UAE $ 30 million, Italy €4 million, Kuwait $0.3 million, Hong Kong $54 million.

Ali Akbar-Pour Jamshidian, senior IRGC commander, chief of Ashura Brigades: Cyprus €4.4 million Euros, China $75 million, Turkey €1.4 million.

Mohsen Sabzevar Rezai AKA Mohsen Rezai, former chief commander of the IRGC, secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council: Switzerland (Union Bank of Switzerland/Credit Suisse/Caja de Ahorros de Galicia) 11 accounts €1.45 billion, Germany €45 million, Italy €11 million, Austria €24 million, UAE $205 million, Canada C$45 million, South Africa £490 million.

Nasser Sarmadi-Parsa, Iran’s ambassador to Tajikistan: Qatar €32 million, UAE $11 million, Malaysia $21 million.

General Vahid Haghanian AKA “Agha Vahid,” Khamenei’s executive deputy, known as Khamenei’s “right hand man” and “shadow figure”: Turkey €7.2 million,  Canada C$32 million, Costa Rica $120 million, Venezuela €540 million, South Africa $230 million, Hong Kong $500 million.

Major General Fathollah Jafari, Advisor to IRGC commander-in-chief Mohammad-Ali Jafari: China $67 million, Malaysia $24 million, Spain €11 million.

Ali Saeedi, cleric, Khamenei’s representative in the IRGC: Turkey €1.1 million, UAE $75 million, Hong Kong $92.9 million.

General  Ali-Reza Akbar Pour: Brigadier, IRGC: Canada C$23 million, China $54 million, Spain €11 million.

M.H. Panahi Pour: Turkey $2 million, Malaysia A$14 million, Qatar $34 million, India €7.1 million Euros, UAE $ 14.6 million.

Mojtaba Zolnour, cleric, Khamenei’s representative in the IRGC, deputy to Ali Saeedi: Nigeria $11 million, Cyprus €14.9 million, Russia $14 million, India $7.9 million, Turkey €4.4 million.

Hossein Sibesorkhi, eulogist: UAE €3.1 million euros, Pakistan €0.9 million, Turkey €1.3 million.

Ahmad Reza Rada, Brigadier general, deputy commander of Iranian police, key figure in the post election crackdowns: Cayman Islands $205 million, Turkey €17 million, UAE $50, Belarus €200  million, Venezuela $45 million, South Africa $140 million.

Ruhollah Bahmani, eulogist: UAE €6.2 million, Lebanon €1.2 million, Albania €1.2 million.

General Ali-Reza Jabari, IRGC brigadier: Malaysia $75 million, Shanghai $120 million, Portugal €9.1 million.

Major General Hamzeh Ghorbani, IRGC: Turkey €2.3 million, Cyprus €3.1 million, Greece €2.9 million, Kuwait $5.2 million.

Abbas Akhondi, former minister of Housing and Urban Development under Rafsanjani: Lebanon $2.9 million, UAE, $9.8 million, Turkey 5.2 million [currency not specified], Malaysia A$38 million.

Mahmoud Chaharrbaghi, missile commander of the IRGC: Shanghai $50 million, Hong Kong $29 million, Russia €12 million.

Mohammad Ali Nosrati, IRGC Brigadier, Azarbaijan police chief: Turkey €3.1 million, Portugal €2.1 million, UAE $9.2 million, Hong Kong $52 million.

Masoud Hajarian Kashani, commercial manager of Mellat insurance (energy, aviation, marine, liability, and engineering insurance): Qatar $7.3 million, Austria €65 million, Turkey €13 million, Shanghai $120.5 million.

General Aziz Mohammadi, Brigadier, IRGC: Netherlands €3.2 million, South Korea $12 million, Malaysia $35 million.


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