Fearful regime uses commandos to take down satellite dishes

Rappelling censor

More signs of the regime’s fear of information: Special units are continuing to dismantle satellite dishes on apartment buildings. This video, brought to us by Freedom Messenger and taken this month, shows a special operations crew on a rooftop so a commando can rappel down to destroy satellite dishes.

IranChannel comes across a lot of videos, but they are of low-quality Basijis smashing easy-to-reach satellite dishes on rooftops. Use of special operations teams to go down the sides of tall buildings shows the regime is taking the threat of information very seriously, and is systematically stripping the civilian population of satellite dishes. Such actions generally presage a planned crackdown on the population.

The good news is that these actions betray the regime’s increasing fear of the population. Coupled with severe infighting among the regime leadership, these actions give us confidence that the Islamic Republic of Iran knows it is edging closer to collapse.

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