Fear of satellite TV shows that regime knows it’s collapsing


Viewers of satellite TV in Iran will now be prosecuted, according to a top state security official. That’s bad news for the short term, but good news for the long term, because it means that the Islamic Republic knows that it is dying.

For months, state security agents have been destroying private satellite dishes visibly located on the rooftops of apartment buildings and private homes, and even sent commandos to rappel down the sides of hi-rises to knock antennas off the walls. We first reported on the wrecking operation in February, when the regime sought to suppress coverage of popular unrest and demands for the overthrow of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Now, the deputy commander of the State Security Forces tells the regime’s Aftab propaganda agency, “Those who insist on using satellite equipment again will be referred to judicial sources.”

“At this stage, the State Security Forces are looking to deal with satellite equipment including satellite dishes that are in public view,” said the official Ahmad-Reza Radan. Apparently, authorities are upset because Iranians know how to improvise with homemade satellite antennas, and replace the equipment that the regime agents destroy.

“There were questions at this stage on what we should do if some people use this equipment again after it was confiscated once,” Radan said. “The State Security Forces have warned that in the second stage, they will get warrants from judicial sources to enter homes  and these people will be refereed to judicial institutions for repeating their crimes.”

Once again, we thank Freedom Messenger for bringing us this report.


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