The Ministry of Intelligence and Security

Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security is a mainstay of the police state that is the Islamic Republic.

A new study on shariah outlines the ideology of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the main instruments of coercion and violence that operationalize the regime’s doctrine, including the Qods Force, the Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Ministry of Intelligence and Security, and the regime’s agents of influence abroad, such as the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC).

Shariah: The Threat, was published by the Center for Security Policy in September 2010. What follows is excerpted from that report concerning the Ministry of Intelligence and Security:

The Iranian intelligence service is a “ministry” in name only, as its chain of command actually bypasses the cabinet and reports directly to the Supreme Leader. With up to some 30,000 officers and support staff, MOIS is one of the largest intelligence services in the Middle East and has been termed by Magnus Ranstorp, the renowned Scottish defense and security expert, “a superpower in intelligence terms in the region,” because of its global reach and sophistication.

MOIS performs all the usual functions of a national intelligence agency, such as collection, analysis, and dissemination of reporting. It is also tasked with keeping the regime in power by any and all means, including but not limited to: infiltrating and disclosing conspiracies that threaten the regime; suppressing internal dissent; arresting, assassinating, jailing, intimidating, kidnapping, torturing and forcibly repatriating regime opponents; and maintaining liaison relationships not only with foreign intelligence services, but with terror organizations worldwide with whom the MOIS actively collaborates.

The Iranian intelligence service has been faulted for failing to keep control of the situation following the 2009 elections and reportedly has lost status, particularly vis-à-vis the IRGC, as a result. The MOIS director was replaced and resources are flowing to augment the Intelligence Unit of the IRGC, a small but increasingly favored rival to the MOIS.

(For the full text of the Shariah report, click here.)


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