Rockers track Iranian political prisoners

Blurred Vision Democracy

A Toronto-based Iranian-led rock band is tracking as many of Iran’s political prisoners as it can, and is donating the proceeds of its hit single to Amnesty International.

Last year, Blurred Vision issued a remake of Pink Floyd’s 1979 single “(Another) Brick in the Wall” with a refrain, “Hey, Ayatollah, leave those kids alone.”

The band received the endorsement of rock legend Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd, who said he was “proud” to help the Iranian resistance and appeared in a video calling out the Blurred Vision remake of his popular refrain from The Wall.

Blurred Vision is partnering with Amnesty International to promote awareness of Iranian political prisoners and executions. The band has a special website listing the prisoners and the slain. The prisoners’ list includes the name of Confederation of Iranian Students champion Arzhang Davoodi.

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