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Neda Thin Ice

London: Roger Waters shows Neda’s image at ‘The Wall’ concert

Former Pink Floyd master Roger Waters showed an image of the martyred Neda Agha Soltan as part of his sensational performance of “The Wall.” Waters has been a longtime supporter of the Iranian resistance. The image appears during Waters’ rendition […]

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Roger Waters resist

BBC Persian interviews Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters on Neda and social networking

BBC Persian interviews Roger Waters about the evolving message behind his worldwide "The Wall" tour. While Waters is critical of mass media culture

Andy & Bon Jovi 2

From Los Angeles: Iran’s rock ‘n roll revolutionaries

"Iranian artists have turned into rock and roll revolutionaries delivering a message to the young people of Iran," NBC News reports - and they're doing it

Chahar Shanbeh Soori 2011

Happy Chahar Shanbeh Soori. The darkness will be over soon.

Iranians around the world are celebrating Chahar Shanbeh Soori, the pre-Islamic celebration of springtime. Marked with jumping over fires and setting off fireworks, the celebration occurs annually on

Blurred Vision Democracy

Rockers track Iranian political prisoners

A Toronto-based Iranian-led rock band is tracking as many of Iran's political prisoners as it can, and is donating the proceeds of its hit single to Amnesty International. Last

curly-hair-tehran 110126

Curly haired people deemed a threat to regime

The Islamic Republic is treating Iranians with curly hair as potential threats to public order, and ordered their dispersal at a recent public gathering. Payvand is reporting

The Iranian band "Kiosk" on stage in Berlin. Forbidden music is usually underground or in exile

Backstage: Listening to Iran’s musical underground

Iran has a vibrant and exciting musical underground, which Radio Farda has been highlighting in podcasts available on iTunes. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty carries the following fascinating


Rapping to the death throes of the Islamic Republic

When a regime is too inflexible to cope with the cultural rebellion of the young people under its domination, the system cannot be expected to

Roger Waters

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters says he’s proud to help Iranian resistance

Rock legend Roger Waters says he's proud to help the Iranian resistance movement, and gave a Pink Floyd-sized blessing to an Iranian band's remake of "(Another) Brick in


Videos from Iran’s rock underground

An earlier post led me to look around for some good videos about Iran's rock underground, and some research about the Yellow Dogs led to these excellent segments.