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Twitter activism

How to be a Twitter activist

Twitter is a great way for activists to network with friends, compatriots and supporters in your country and around the world. The social networking tool has been important in many democratic revolutions. DigiActive produced a handy guide on how to […]

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How to blog anonymously

This guide to Anonymous Blogging was written by Global Voices. Global Voices provides the following disclaimer: "If you follow these directions exactly, you’ll sharply reduce the chances that your

Serbian manual cover farsi

How to learn strategy to guide nonviolent tactics

The Serbian student movement that helped overthrow dictator Slobodan Milosevic have been big supporters of the Iranian democratic cause, and their manual, Nonviolent Struggle: 50 Crucial Points - A

How to plan ‘direct action’

Direct action is exciting, fun, energizing and effective. It will raise the morale of your friends and wreck the morale of your enemy. The Ruckus Society

How to organize a demonstration

There are many kinds of demonstrations, and different ways to organize them. Spontaneous demonstrations are good up to a point, but at some point - such as now