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Egyptian protester

How to defend yourself against tear gas

With Iranian authorities increasingly using tear gas against democratic protesters, it’s important to know how not to be afraid, and how to defend against its use. What to bring if you anticipate tear gas: (1) a bandana or paper towel […]

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Egyptian clothing guide

How to protest intelligently and fight riot police (Egyptian manual)

Our friends in Egypt drew up this handy manual titled "How to Protest Intelligently and Fight Riot Police." The 26 page guide, published in Arabic, describes basic techniques

SKorea barricade

How to build and use effective street barricades

So far, the street barricades we've seen in Iran have been small and ineffective against the regime forces. Most have been nothing more than overturned dumpsters and

Egyptians throw it back

How to throw tear gas canisters back at the Basijis

Getting a canister of tear gas lobbed at you can be frightening, but it's really no big deal. Canisters are easy to throw back at your tormenter. So the

Cut the chain

How to cut a Basij motorcycle chain

Don't be intimidated by Basiji motorcycle attacks. If you can slow down the motorcycles with obstacles, caltrops or people and overwhelm them one by one, you

friendly policeman

How to defend yourself against Basij thugs, motorcycle attacks, tear gas, batons and riot formations

A friendly Iranian-American police officer gives some handy advice on how Iranian democracy activists can defend themselves against Basij tactics. Many of these defenses are simple and easy.


How to stop a pursuit before it begins

It's easy to stop a Basij or other regime vehicle before it even begins its pursuit. Simply use a distraction to place an easy-to-make device under the tire

spike strip

How to stop a vehicle with spike strips and other devices

Simple nails won't do the trick to stop a regime vehicle in its tracks. Hollow spikes will help slow a vehicle down, but they can still run on

ideal caltrop

Video: How to make tire-puncturing caltrops

Caltrops were originally invented centuries ago to disable mounted cavalry by spreading three-legged iron spikes on the ground to puncture the hooves of horses. In the 20th

wooden knuckles

Video: How to make wooden knuckles

It's easy to make defensive "wooden knuckles" - the common person's version of the famous brass knuckles. And it's free. If you have access to a metalworking shop, you