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Basij beating

Videos: How to defend yourself from Basijis and riot police

Here’s a five-part video by an Iranian martial arts master on how the ordinary citizen can learn basic moves to defend against the regime’s thugs. The videos include what to do if grabbed from behind, if being attacked with a […]

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Mobbing bike

Video: How unarmed civilians can stop a Basiji motorcycle assault

This video isn't a "how-to" demonstration, but it is posted here to show how easy it is for unarmed civilians to attack their Basiji attackers. The video was posted

green smoke grenade

How to make smoke grenades

Smoke has an important psychological effect as part of political expression and protest, as well as defense against attack by regime forces. The regime uses smoke grenades to frighten

What to do with a Basij bike

How to swarm a Basij motorcycle

The Basijis are trained to use several motorcycles at a time to intimidate, harass, round up, and beat pro-democracy protesters. You can beat them if you are organized in

Egyptian protester shield

How to make and use shields to defend from Basij attack

Shields are easy to make, but different situations call for different types of shields, as well as different ways to use them. For example, certain types of shields

How to deploy flip wire

How to make a ‘flip wire’ to stop a Basij motorcycle

Another way to ambush a Basij motorcycle and disable both the machine and the driver is to stretch "flip wires" in the motorcycle's path. This method works best if

SKorea barricade

How to build and use effective street barricades

So far, the street barricades we've seen in Iran have been small and ineffective against the regime forces. Most have been nothing more than overturned dumpsters and

Egyptians throw it back

How to throw tear gas canisters back at the Basijis

Getting a canister of tear gas lobbed at you can be frightening, but it's really no big deal. Canisters are easy to throw back at your tormenter. So the

Cut the chain

How to cut a Basij motorcycle chain

Don't be intimidated by Basiji motorcycle attacks. If you can slow down the motorcycles with obstacles, caltrops or people and overwhelm them one by one, you

friendly policeman

How to defend yourself against Basij thugs, motorcycle attacks, tear gas, batons and riot formations

A friendly Iranian-American police officer gives some handy advice on how Iranian democracy activists can defend themselves against Basij tactics. Many of these defenses are simple and easy.