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How to disguise your IP address

DON’T USE MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER AS YOUR BROWSER! IT IS FULL OF SECURITY HOLES THAT THE REGIME CAN USE TO TRACK YOU. Download the Firefox browser and follow these directions, provided by our friends at the Tactical Technology Collective: Every […]

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How to blog anonymously

This guide to Anonymous Blogging was written by Global Voices. Global Voices provides the following disclaimer: "If you follow these directions exactly, you’ll sharply reduce the chances that your

Security in a box

How to keep your computer information away from the regime

The regime is not only out to censor your communications and hack your websites - when it comes after you it will use any data it can find

Message in a Box

How to create your own online media presence

Message in-a-box was created by the Tactical Technology Collective and Front Line to give you everything you need to make and distribute your own