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Security forces disrupt funeral of Mousavi’s father, arrest grieving relatives

Not even the recently-deceased 103 year-old father of Green Movement leader Mir Hossein Mousavi is allowed to rest in peace. Regime police disrupted the elder Mousavi’s funeral Thursday, beating and arresting at least seven, including a son and son-in-law of […]

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Iranian woman

This Tuesday’s protests coincide with International Women’s Day

Preparing for the second week of Tuesday protests, Iranian opposition figures are calling for people to take to the streets on International Women's Day, which takes place this

Ejehi prosecutor

Regime admits it abducted Green leaders; says it is isolating them from world

Iran's top prosecutor has admitted that the regime has taken Green Movement leaders from their homes and is isolating them in a bid to pinch off the leadership


And now, the mullahs squabble

While the long-squabbling Iranian opposition is unifying, the Islamic Revolution is tearing itself apart. Let's look at what's happening. First, former prime minister Mir Hossein Mousavi and


Reformers seek changes to constitution and law

Leaders of the reform-minded Green Movement have released a "reform charter" that calls for changes in the Iranian constitution and civil code. Green Movement leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi

Mehdi Karroubi

Opposition leader’s home attacked, family targeted

Security forces attacked the home of opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi, smashing windows and lobbing percussion grenades inside, UPI reports, citing Karoubi's own website. Regime

Green movement activist

Opposition shows signs of resilience

The political opposition to the Iranian regime shows a lot more resilience than it was given credit for, Setareh Sabety writes in the Huffington

Karroubi threatened

Security forces erect political attack poster to threaten Karroubi

Iranian security forces made a huge poster of Green Movement opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi and hung it from a lamp post. The poster shows Karroubi, a former chairman of


Diplomat who defected from Islamic Republic speaks out

A leader of exiled Iranian former diplomats has made it to the United States and is speaking out against the regime. Abolfazl Eslami, a senior foreign service officer at


Arzhang Davoodi beaten, placed in solitary for prison speech

One of the top suffering political prisoners for the Iranian student cause has been beaten and placed in solitary confinement for a brief speech he gave illicitly over