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PressTV propaganda2

Truth in labeling: BBC stings Iran’s Press-TV as a ‘propaganda’ mouthpiece

Press TV, one of the Islamic Republic’s self-styled “news” outlets, is stung by a BBC program that labels it a “propaganda” organ. “The latest episode of Panorama, the [BBC] network’s investigative program on current affairs, accused Iran of human rights […]

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Friendly ayatollah

US congressmen probe reputed agents of influence for mullahs

US congressmen committed to promoting a secular and democratic Iran are concerned about a group that reputedly works as an agent of influence for the Islamic Republic of

IRGC flag

Gulf states weigh mass expulsion of Iran agents

Saying that they can no longer look the other way while the Iranian regime subverts the Middle East, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is readying to

Revolutionary Guard defends VOA against critic Fakhravar

For those who continue to doubt that a long-overdue personnel shakeup is due at the Voice of America's Persian News Network (PNN), here's a new development from

NIAC: Agent of influence for the Islamic Republic

The Islamic Republic of Iran operates a network of front organizations and co-opted individuals and groups, including agents of influence, to shape public opinion and national policy in

State TV acts as intelligence arm, human rights group says

Iranian state television works as an arm of the regime's intelligence service, collaborating with political repression, interrogations, and coverups of government crimes, a human rights group reports. "The Iranian

VOA: Voice of the Ayatollahs

Investor's Business Daily ran an editorial blasting the Persian-language broadcasting service of the Voice of America (VOA), citing internal sources who say the service has become a flack