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Syrian protester

Iran helps Syria with cyber-repression against protests

The Iranian regime is actively aiding the Ba’athist regime in Syria to spy on cell phone calls, text messages and Internet communication of protesters and other dissidents, the US says, citing intelligence reports. “We believe that Iran is materially assisting […]

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Littoral combat ship2

Arms race in Gulf: Saudis seek littoral combat ships to counter Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

The Iranian regime's aggressive subversion against Arab states along the Gulf is so serious, with the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) naval force so potent a threat, that Saudi Arabia


Mullahs’ over-reach helps Israel; Iran becomes the new ‘bogeyman’ among Arabs

The mullahs ruling Iran have inadvertently helped Israel by making oil-and-gas-rich Arab Muslim governments more fearful of the Islamic Republic than the Jewish state. "Iran has taken

IRGC Qods emblem

Kuwait gets serious, sentences three IRGC spies to death

In a further sign that the Gulf states are getting serious about recognizing Iranian government subversion, a Kuwaiti court has sentenced three IRGC agents to death. The three

IRGC flag

Gulf states weigh mass expulsion of Iran agents

Saying that they can no longer look the other way while the Iranian regime subverts the Middle East, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is readying to


Petraeus tells Congress that Iran is arming war enemies of the United States

The Iranian regime "without question" has been arming the Taliban enemy in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus tells Congress, providing an authoritative answer to those who ask whether the