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Fear of satellite TV shows that regime knows it’s collapsing

Viewers of satellite TV in Iran will now be prosecuted, according to a top state security official. That’s bad news for the short term, but good news for the long term, because it means that the Islamic Republic knows that […]

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Haleh Wiki

Wikipedia report on Haleh Sahabi was altered to give regime version of her death

Within hours of the Basij murder of human rights activist Haleh Sahabi, a new entry on Wikipedia appeared, which changed the facts to suit the regime's

Rappelling censor

Fearful regime uses commandos to take down satellite dishes

More signs of the regime's fear of information: Special units are continuing to dismantle satellite dishes on apartment buildings. This video,

Syrian protester

Iran helps Syria with cyber-repression against protests

The Iranian regime is actively aiding the Ba'athist regime in Syria to spy on cell phone calls, text messages and Internet communication of protesters and other dissidents, the

Mullahs hand

Iranian ‘intelligence operation’ targeted dissidents’ secure communications

The Iranian intelligence service has hacked into sensitive computer security systems and reportedly stolen electronic identification certificates for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Skype and Mozilla (Firefox). The purpose was


Regime voices fear of internal criticism, revealing fragility of leadership

As an $11 billion oil theft scandal unfolds at the seniormost levels of the Islamic Republic, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has said that any official criticism

BBC Persian

US helps BBC defeat Iran regime jamming

The US Department of State is paying to develop countermeasures to the Iranian regime's jamming of the BBC's Persian-language TV and Internet services.

The solutions include anti-jamming technology and


Iran better than China at Internet censorship – but dissidents stay ahead

The Iranian regime has more sophisticated Internet controls than the People's Republic of China, which was believed to have set the world standard on Web censorship. After the European

Iran censorship

How Iran prevents news from reaching the world

The Islamic Republic's expulsion of an Agence France Presse journalist shows how the regime prevents news about the opposition from reaching the world. In addition to at least 40

Satellite dishes ruined

Fearful security forces continue wrecking home satellite dishes

Betraying its fear of the power of satellite TV, security forces continue to destroy privately-owned satellite dishes in Tehran. Citizen-made videos showed authorities destroying satellite dishes on