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Mullahs dont like us

The dog that didn’t bark: Mullahs cover hearing on VOA, but don’t comment on regime bias

The mullahs’ reporting of the April 7 US congressional hearing about pro-regime bias at the Voice of America reads like Sherlock Holmes’ case of the dog that didn’t bark. In solving a murder mystery, Holmes reasoned that because the dog […]

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Musavi Ardebili

Split: Ayatollahs condemn regime actions

Several ayatollahs have come out publicly against the regime's repression and defamation of opposition leaders with a senior ayatollah condemning the regime's actions a "violation of religion, the

FARS Ikhwan

Muslim Brotherhood praises Ahmadinejad as ‘innocent, honest, brave’

A senior figure in the Muslim Brotherhood has come out strongly in support of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and has praised the Islamic Republic for its efforts to


Regime ideology makes Iran a harder slog than Egypt

With many expecting the Iranian regime to fall as quickly as that of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, an Egyptian-American scholar warns that the ideological underpinnings of the Islamic

NIAC: Agent of influence for the Islamic Republic

The Islamic Republic of Iran operates a network of front organizations and co-opted individuals and groups, including agents of influence, to shape public opinion and national policy in

The Ministry of Intelligence and Security

Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security is a mainstay of the police state that is the Islamic Republic. A new study on shariah outlines the ideology of the Islamic

The Qods Force

The Qods Force is a foreign policy arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) that supports insurgency, terrorism, and shariah subversion. A new study on shariah outlines

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps

A new study on shariah outlines the ideology of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the main instruments of coercion and violence that operationalize the regime's doctrine.

Report on shariah details Iran regime’s threat doctrine

A new study on shariah describes the governing threat doctrine of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the instruments of force and violence that the regime uses to