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Murdered at her father’s grave

Regime agents beat an Iranian woman to death at the funeral of her father, a respected opposition journalist and former member of parliament. They are now trying to cover up their crime. Government officials are saying that the woman, Haleh […]

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Haleh Sahabi

Haleh’s murder prompts USA & Britain to demand answers from Iran

The murder of human rights activist Haleh Sahabi (pictured) at the funeral of her dissident father on June 1 - and the regime's coverup of the

Rappelling censor

Fearful regime uses commandos to take down satellite dishes

More signs of the regime's fear of information: Special units are continuing to dismantle satellite dishes on apartment buildings. This video,


Your zakat at work

Did you ever wonder what those mullahs did with the monthly zakat contributions from faithful Iranian Muslims? This video gives an idea. It was surreptitiously taken last year at

Abdollah Fathi widow

Hanging devastates Iran’s newest widow

A heart-wrenching video from the Isfahan prison where the brothers Mohammad and Abdollah Fathi were executed on May 17.

Fathi brothers

Fathi brothers executed

Two brothers, Mohammad and Abdollah Fathi, were executed in Isfahan on May 17. Mohammad was 27. Abdollah was 29. Officials denied the condemned young men a final request, which was

Arash Flag

Amnesty International seeks ‘urgent action’ on Shiva and Fakhravar

Amnesty International has taken up the cause of two Confederation of Iranian Students (CIS) members abducted by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Shiva Kamalipour


Update on abduction of Arash Fakhravar in Paris; French authorities were alerted by FBI

More details have emerged in Europe about the April 29 abduction in Paris of Arash Fakhravar. Blogger Mehrtash, who is close to the Confederation of Iranian

Free our classmates poster

New details of Shiva’s arrest, beating and imprisonment

IranChannel has received news about the fate of Shiva Kamalipour Azad, the 29 year-old student journalist who disappeared at the hands of Iranian security agents on

Arash 1

Iranian agents abduct brother of student leader in Paris

URGENT - Iranian government agents in Paris kidnapped the brother of Confederation of Iranian Students (CIS) leader Amir Fakhravar, took him past French security at a