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Food mob

Signs of internal collapse: Mobs rush to grab rationed bread and chicken

When the people run to an empty market to snatch up meager rations of bread and chicken, it’s clear that the regime’s days are numbered. This video, brought to our attention by Freedom Messenger, was shot on April 25, 2011.

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Andy & Bon Jovi 2

From Los Angeles: Iran’s rock ‘n roll revolutionaries

"Iranian artists have turned into rock and roll revolutionaries delivering a message to the young people of Iran," NBC News reports - and they're doing it

Bushehr fire protest 2011

Citizen videos show widespread defiance across Iran

Videos shot by ordinary citizens celebrating the Persian New Year season show widespread defiance of the regime across Iran. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei decreed that there be no

Basij bikers 2009

Video shows Basij motorcycle attack on Tehran protesters

Under a cloud of censorship, the regime smacked down hard on Iranians who defied the supreme leader's decree and turned out to celebrate the annual pre-Islamic festival welcoming

Jami Street

Students bring banned bonfires to Khamenei’s doorstep

Bonfire near the regime's nerve center: Defying a ban on celebrations of Iran's traditional marking of springtime, youths are shown in this video taking control of Jami

Basij cycle blaze 110315

Young people defy security forces at spring festival

Young Iranians across the country turned out to defy security forces and celebrate Chahar Shanbeh Soori, the pre-Islamic festival marking the start of spring. The democratic underground has

VOA March 8 2011 beating

VOA shows Iranians demanding ‘regime change’

In a notable change in its programming themes, the Voice of America's Persian-language service has broken from its virtual boycott of pro-regime change protesters and given

Basijis Shiraz March 1 2011

Basij paramilitary bikers attack protesters in Shiraz

Basij paramilitaries, mounted on their motorcycles, run through the streets of Shiraz harassing motorists and beating protesters. In this amateur

Paris protests 1 Mar 11

Paris: Iranian protesters deface home of regime ambassador to France

Iranian activists in Paris have defaced the home of the regime's ambassador to France, in solidarity with the May 1 protests across Iran. Freedom Messenger brings us the

Dictator, say hello to your end

‘Dictator, say hello to your end’

In Tehran on March 1, a protester unfurls a sign from a bridge that says to Supreme Leader Khamenei, "Dictator,