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Roger Waters

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters says he’s proud to help Iranian resistance

Rock legend Roger Waters says he’s proud to help the Iranian resistance movement, and gave a Pink Floyd-sized blessing to an Iranian band’s remake of “(Another) Brick in the Wall” to target the ayatollahs. “I think it’s great that these […]

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Videos from Iran’s rock underground

An earlier post led me to look around for some good videos about Iran's rock underground, and some research about the Yellow Dogs led to these excellent segments.

Yellow Dogs

The musical threat to Iran's regime

How can we take down Iran's soon-to-be-nuclear-armed regime without firing a shot? There are a number of ways, but the Islamic Republic has been openly

State TV acts as intelligence arm, human rights group says

Iranian state television works as an arm of the regime's intelligence service, collaborating with political repression, interrogations, and coverups of government crimes, a human rights group reports. "The Iranian