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Arash Fakhravar Paris protest

Des agents iraniens enlèvent le frère du dirigeant du syndicat iranien CIS à Paris

URGENT- Des agents du gouvernement Iranien à Paris ont kidnappé le frère du leader de la Confédération des Etudiants Iraniens (CIS en Anglais) Amir Fakhravar. Ils ont réussi à lui faire passer la sécurité à l’aéroport Beauvais et lui ont […]

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Arash 1

Iranian agents abduct brother of student leader in Paris

URGENT - Iranian government agents in Paris kidnapped the brother of Confederation of Iranian Students (CIS) leader Amir Fakhravar, took him past French security at a


Details on the bitter conflict between Khamenei and Ahmadinejad

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is afraid of many things, but what concerns him most right now is that his main rival, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, seems to be spoiling

Khamenei at home

Threat: Guards changed at Khamenei’s compound

Now we see why President Ahmadinejad has seemed so confident in challenging Supreme Leader Khamenei. Apparently Ahmadinejad had succeeded in planting listening devices in Khamenei's fortified

Free Shiva 5

Student activist arrested, brutalized, and in grave danger at Evin Prison

Iranian authorities have abducted, beaten and imprisoned a student opposition leader, who is in danger of torture or death. Supporters have begun an international solidarity campaign to free

Free Shiva 2

Campaign underway to free political prisoner Shiva Kamalipour Azad

The Confederation of Iranian Students (CIS) has launched a human rights campaign to free Shiva Kamalipour Azad, the courageous 29 year-old journalist who was arrested this

Food mob

Signs of internal collapse: Mobs rush to grab rationed bread and chicken

When the people run to an empty market to snatch up meager rations of bread and chicken, it's clear that the regime's days

The Ahmadinejads

It’s Passover, and Ahmadinejad has disappeared

Have the mullahs given President Ahmadinejad a little pushback? The Safir news agency is reporting that Ahmadinejad has not shown up at his office for the fourth consecutive


IRGC chief: ‘we do not have any constraints or limitations’

The commander of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) says that his organization is not simply a military force but one that encompasses all of Iranian society, and that in

Mohammad Reza Naghdi Basij Commander

With Green leaders isolated, Basij chief threatens ‘deviant’ Islamists

Now that the Green Movement leaders are isolated and stripped of most of their influence, the instruments of repression are hunting for enemies in their own camp. Iran's leadership