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Pimping the Islamic Revolution: More documentation of the mullah mafiosi

The Islamic Republic has turned Iran into a theocratic mafiaocracy in which the mullahs and their minions have pimped the revolution for their own financial gain. The regime has used Islamic doctrine as an ideological justification for what has become […]

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Syrians burn Iranian and Chinese flags

Syrian protesters burn Iranian, Russian and Chinese flags

Here's something you don't see every day: Protesters burning the flags of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Soviet Union Russia, and Communist

mojtaba and daddy

Khamenei and son stashed billions in foreign accounts

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his son Mojtaba have stolen billions of dollars from Iran and stashed the money in foreign accounts. This is according to a document


To save regime from sanctions, Khamenei surrenders oil and gas to China

A new round of oil deals shows all the signs of a deepening corrupt relationship between the mullahs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Communist Party


Regime fears lack of investment in oil sector

Iran's state-run oil and gas sector is reeling from official corruption, as a pro-regime lawmaker has noted, and from a lack of foreign investment. Attending an oil and gas

Berman Ros-Lehtinen

Obama’s Iran actions show ‘weakness,’ top Democrat & Republican lawmakers say

The top Democrat and Republican responsible for foreign affairs in the US House of Representatives assailed the Obama administration's recent Iran sanctions as weak. The seniormost Democrat

Almost nobody showed up for the regime's anti-western protest.

Tiny turnout for anti-US protest in Tehran

A single police van could have taken away all the Iranians who protested at the United Nations building in Tehran on March 30. But there was no need for


Iran better than China at Internet censorship – but dissidents stay ahead

The Iranian regime has more sophisticated Internet controls than the People's Republic of China, which was believed to have set the world standard on Web censorship. After the European