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mojtaba and daddy

Khamenei and son stashed billions in foreign accounts

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his son Mojtaba have stolen billions of dollars from Iran and stashed the money in foreign accounts. This is according to a document that purports to show the ill-gotten wealth in foreign bank accounts of […]

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To save regime from sanctions, Khamenei surrenders oil and gas to China

A new round of oil deals shows all the signs of a deepening corrupt relationship between the mullahs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Communist Party

A billion dollars

Leaked Iranian intelligence report reveals fratricide & corruption within regime

A leaked classified report by Iranian Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi reveals intense fratricide at the highest levels of the Islamic Republic, as well as staggering levels of official

crooked mullahs

Crooked mullahs: Khamenei places his son in control of Iran’s oil

It's a classic case of an isolated elite in a dying regime, fighting over the spoils of the nation's wealth. Iran's petrodollars are now under the direct personal control


Regime fears lack of investment in oil sector

Iran's state-run oil and gas sector is reeling from official corruption, as a pro-regime lawmaker has noted, and from a lack of foreign investment. Attending an oil and gas


‘Sabotage’ said behind huge pipeline blast near Qom

Three massive gas pipelines exploded April 8 at Iran's principal energy hub, showing the regime's increased vulnerability and the growing militancy of some in the opposition. Regime figures ascribe


Regime voices fear of internal criticism, revealing fragility of leadership

As an $11 billion oil theft scandal unfolds at the seniormost levels of the Islamic Republic, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has said that any official criticism


Student leader praises Obama speech but asks for action, including oil sanctions

The head of Iran's independent secular student movement praised President Barack Obama's Persian New Year speech, and called on the American leader to back up his


Islamic Republic corruption scandal: $11 billion in oil money missing

A colossal corruption scandal is brewing in Tehran, with the discovery that $11 billion in oil revenues have vanished over the past nine months. The mullahs and their minions

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Key to regime change: Close down Iran’s oil exports

The most effective way for the world - particularly the United States - to promote regime change in Iran is to shut down the Islamic Republic's