Embarrassing situation with Model Rose after a young man showed his penis during a live broadcast!

Rose was talking with her fans through her Instagram account and was preparing to introduce someone to her during the broadcast as a guest, and during the reception of the request, she was surprised by a young man showing his penis to the camera.

Rose did not understand the matter at first, and her comment was, “What is this?” Then, seconds later, she grabbed the phone and closed the call with the young man and commented, “I ask forgiveness of God the Great.”

The audience, in turn, circulated the video on the Twitter platform, and the hashtag #Model_Rose issued the application with several tweets, including “Those who are sitting talking about Rose and that she is basically unpleasant and I don’t know what the girl got into my mind. The broadcast means literally sterile minds. Think of it. Try to open the doors to your minds and think about it.”

Another tweeted, “People who publish, do you know what their sin is? There is no shame. How many girls and how many conservative boys are unintentionally healed.

Model Rose Divorce

On the other hand, Rose had topped the headlines of the press during the last period after her ex-husband appeared to the public and revealed shocking details about their relationship, including death threats, imprisonment and other matters. Saudi businessman Muhammad Al Mahmoud made shocking statements about their relationship and how he was the first supporter of Rose, who gave up his business and traveled with her to Chicago until her dream came true, in addition to completing her university studies. The couple’s life was stable until a young man named “Nicola”, who works in a bar, entered her life, as he described him as “bisexual”.

Nicolas turned Rose’s life upside down and turned her into a completely different person, and changed her treatment with her husband and even her close friends, and despite everyone’s attempt to distance her from the new young man, the matter failed and ended with Rose filing a divorce case against Muhammad Al Mahmoud, and the case is still pending in California courts.

As for Rose, she was fired with the media, Mahira Abdel Aziz, and revealed that she was betrayed and betrayed by her ex-husband, and not, as he stated, that the young man she met, called Nicola, was the one who turned her life upside down and turned her into someone else completely, and made her change her treatment with her husband and even her close friends. From everyone trying to keep her away from him.

So that her ex-husband returned again and responded by publishing a Quranic verse, “Woe to the liars on that day,” referring to what Rose had mentioned of betrayal, lying and hypocrisy. On the subject of lying, he continued that Rose and her boyfriend had caused his arrest by the police after a complaint on charges of trying to kill her boyfriend, Nicole.

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