Nancy Ajram breaks the ordinary and creates her own Taraby market, with your love is strong!

Ajram, which was not like any other since its artistic beginning, presented the song under great shock from the audience and the artistic community, and the main reason is due to the boldness that it presented by introducing a rhythmic song, unlike what its colleagues in the middle do, who usually release rhythmic or romantic songs at the beginning

The matter did not stop here, Nancy released the song without warning in the middle of the night and on all music applications between Anghami, Deezer, YouTube, and Spotify without regard to the possibility of distributing the numbers that put it in the forefront, whether in terms of followers or the number of times of listening.

With the release of the song during the first day, Nancy did not participate in any tweet and left the matter to the audience to express his opinion and support it on his own way, and indeed she achieved more than half a million views within 24 hours within the top of Twitter and YouTube, and then the artist decided to interact with the audience and was able to lead the Trend Twitter again and achieve A million views on YouTube in addition to the top of the Arabic music lists, including Anghami, and the presence in the list of the most traded on YouTube in the world, and thus Ajram has broken the rule that others followed during the past years and created its own Tarabi market.

Speaking of the song, it is written by the Egyptian poet Khaled Taj El-Din, and the melodies are the share of Walid Saad, while Hani Yaqoub supervised the distribution.

It is noteworthy that Nancy Ajram started promoting her new album a few days ago with a 41-second video in which she was able to convey a simple idea of ​​what awaits her audience, who had been absent from him for about 4 years in the field of albums. The marketing campaign for Nancy’s album began by her team, led by “Gigi Lamara”, after her first steps were to delete the photos of her personal accounts through the social media, amid the participation of her fans who initiated the same thing as support for their favorite star, and waited on fire to start releasing the album works in which she collaborated with Top composers and poets

The album, which will see the light during the first ten days of July, will release several songs in the singel style, including the song that will bear the name of the album and will be released as a video clip.

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