Negotiations to restore Iran deal may be completed in early June

The talks in Vienna on the restoration of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan for the Iranian nuclear program could be completed in the first days of June in the current situation, Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia’s permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna, told radio station Eko Moskvy a recent Interview.

“Actually, guessing is a very rewarding business. Can you ask me my personal opinion, I can say that the first day of June is a realistic deadline. At least now I feel the same. But when such complex work and such complex matters are at stake, it is impossible to predict for sure. When asked about the current time frame for talks, he said, “I am talking about our How are the partner and I feeling at the moment.

Ulyanov said the talks were moving in the right direction.

“We have been crossing the equator for a long time. I feel that the final phase may start next week. I hope that will happen,” he said.

Since the beginning of April, participants in the ongoing talks in Vienna have seen steady progress in their work. Three groups of experts are working on wording of a future agreement aimed at resuming compliance with the JCPOA: removal of Washington’s sanctions from Tehran and eventual US withdrawal and compliance with Iran’s nuclear liabilities.

The JCPOA signatories are also holding separate consultations with the United States, which pulled out of the agreement in 2018, but has now declared its intention to withdraw. There is no direct dialogue between American envoys and Iranian representatives in Vienna.

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