Yasmine Sabry denies mocking and insulting Muhammad Ramadan

The artist, Yasmine Sabry, denied what was reported in the past few hours about her mockery of the artist’s crisis, Mohamed Ramadan; Where the audience circulated a comment on a page documented in its name on (Facebook), in which it says (I laughed).

And Yasmine Sabry said, through a post on her official account on (Twitter): (I do not have any accounts on Facebook.. The account is forged and I will close it.. It is impossible to talk like this with or to anyone), according to the Sada Al-Balad website.

It is noteworthy that the star, Muhammad Ramadan, sparked controversy after announcing the reservation of his money, as he came out in a surprising short video on his account on (Instagram), to announce that he had been informed by a bank today, of the decision to seize his money, so that Muhammad Ramadan returned to the trend again with that video.

Although the video published by Mohamed Ramadan appears to be a sacrifice from the artist Mohamed Ramadan with his money for the redemption of the state, he provoked the audience, perhaps unintentionally, with some of the words he said during the last video.

Ramadan said: (People who are like my cases, farmers, and Upper Egyptians, may not put money in the bank, they don’t spend money in their homes.. it is hidden).

The reservation is due to the delivery of the pilot’s family the executive version of the judgment of the Economic Court of the Commercial International Bank (CIB), in order to implement the judgment and obtain compensation.

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